What Microphone Do I Get?

Condenser, dynamic, omni-directional, large diaphragm, small diaphragm, phantom power, pre-amps? What do you need, what is best? Well there really isn’t a clear answer, but here is a tutorial over at Transom.org to help you decide.

I personally have a Shure PG58 Dynamic Microphone and an MXL 2003 Condenser. I really like the MXL 2003, great mic, good price. Good luck on your decision, it’s one of the most critical!


Non RIAA Music

Hey guys, it’s been a couple days since i’ve posted. Just thought I’d give a plug for my friends in the Psychobilly Kadillaks and send you over there for some non-riaa music. They have an interesting sound that no one I know of is doing. They are podcast friendly and would be honored for you to play in your podcasts. I have interviewed them on my November 7th show. They played last night in Chicago at the Horseshoe with a Rockabilly band, The Hotrod Huckesters, who I was extremely impressed with. If your ever in Chicago and looking for some good texas bbq and good music, this is the place to go. I don’t think I’ve had a better bbq anywhere.


Slow podcast day

Man it’s been a slow podcasting day, only four shows in my aggregator all totaling in at under an hour of listening time. News has been slow too, everyone must be at the Apple Store getting their new iPod shuffle. As someone put it over at Podcast Alley in the forums, “Russian Roullette for your ears “, loved that line.

Much thanks to Kris over at Croncast for delivering my daily dose of podcasting “crack”.

Croncast, Podcasting’s best kept secret” -Jeff O’Hara (that’s me)