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Delivery, a really cool animated short. Baffles me what a small group of people can pull off.


Nextfest 2005

Any bloggers/podcasters/gadget freaks going to Wired’s Nextfest 2005, June 24-26 in Chicago. I’m going to be organizing a geek/podcasting/blogger dinner. E-mail me at if your interested. If any other bloggers/podcasters pick up on this, feel free to spread the word.

Unfortunately, I don’t get out to all the other conferences and It’s been a while since a major event has come to Chicago, I can’t remember anything big since Comdex which was 2001 or 2002 during the .com hay days. It will be nice to hook up with some people and actually meet face to face.


The Tossers Signed to Victory Records

I would like to congratulate my good friends “The Tossers” for getting signed to Victory Records Last week. Very exciting times for them. You can check out some of their mp3’s over at their old label Thick Records.

Clay Hansen, the banjo player also fronts the band Psychobilly Kadillaks along with playing guitar and mandolin, who I have mentioned here before.

If you enjoy the music, pschobilly kadillaks are definately podsafe, tossers shouldn’t be hard to get permission. I’m sure the guys would be all for getting some podplay. You probably need to contact the band or thick records directly for the tossers.



Ok, post your tips on how you deal with laziness and motivational issues, cause I have serious issues. I’m one of those people that’s either go, go, go, or no, no, no. It’s either superproductive or totally unproductive. I need to get myself somewhere in the middle where it’s just a nice constant flow of productivity with out any anxiety. I’m in a funk and help me get out of it!!!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s day. Post what your doing for St. Patties day. I will be heading to a local irish bar where a friends band is playing, The Tossers, an irish punk band. I will be consuming massive amounts of guiness.


6 days

Has it really been six days since i’ve posted? Time fly’s when your working on the house getting ready to sell it.

Should be interesting to see what Adam has instore for us over at



Skype quality not good enough? Problems recording with sky? Here is a trick used by many in the podcasting world.


Directory Repopulated

Well I got off my ass and finished repopulating the Documentation/Howto node at, so send me node updates to keep the directory current with new howto’s.


directory fixed

Well the documentation node in the directory is fixed. I have stopped using vim to edit my opml file and now using radio userland. Hopefully this should alleviate this problem in the future. Now I just have to finish populating the directory.


The Documentation Directory

So I f#$@ed up the opml file for the documentation directory. I’ve been editing my xml/opml file by hand and must have put a stray charachter or something in it. So I ditched it and created an opml file with radio userland. The biggest issue is the directory doesn’t make the node updates in realtime, so it makes debugging time consuming and if your screw up your opml file, you don’t know for @bout an hour. Guess i’ll have to talk to Adam and see if we can rectify this somehow.