dreamhostWell i’ve been thinking about getting hosting for some projects i’m working on and have been looking at Dreamhost.com. I’ve been worried about their quality of service because they are extremely cheap. I’ve just discovered their blogs, and the fact that a hosting company is blogging their experiences and blogging their problems, they are experience shows me they are being very transparent with their company and I respect that a lot. They have pretty much sealed the deal with me as far as who i’m going to go with as far as hosting.

Here are 2 articles everyone needs to read if they are looking at hosting.

1. The Truth About Overselling
2. Webhosting’s Dirty Laundry

1 thought on “Dreamhost

  1. I have been very happy with shared hosting that I have from DreamHost. I have:

    Debian Linux
    20 GB of disk space
    1 terabyte of bandwidth
    Unlimited domains
    675 email addresses
    PHP, Perl, MySQL, Jabber, WebDAV, Subversion, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Gallery, phpBB, etc.

    and the customer support is fantastic.

    and it’s only $7.95/month though I don’t really pay anything because I make $97 off of referrals so it pays for itself and gives me a bit of extra income. I have been very, very pleased with them.

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