Update your RSS feed

Feedburner Just thought i’d ask everyone to update their RSS feed for this blog with my feeder burner feed, as I’d really like to move everyone away from the wordpress feed as i’m considering switching to Drupal for this blog.

An advanced thank you to everyone that updates your feed.

Apple’s Macbook

Macbook Engadget has just posted an online review of Apple’s new Macbook. I’m 99% sure i’m getting my wife one of these. I want one but I can’t justify another laptop as work gives me one to use for free (Dell Lattitude d600). Engadget’s review gives the Macbook a definate thumbs up. So I wonder how many people will be buying this laptop now that Macs do Windows. I know I/my wife will be a new apple customer and most likely a Mac convert.

2 days of using Skype Out for free

Skype LogoSo i’ve been using the free Skype Out for the last 2 days and have been extremely happy to the point where I am going to cancel my phone. I really don’t even know why I have a land line these days as my wife and I use our Cell Phones for just about everything. Give me a call or leave me a voicemail and tell me your thoughts on whether you think a landline is necessary in this day and age. 630-303-9513

Invest In Beer

beer capIt Looks like investing in beer has a better rate of return than Nortel, Enron, or Worldcomm.

If you would have invested in $1000.00 in any of the above stocks a year a go. The most you would have right now is $49 bucks.

If you would have taken the $1000 and invested it in cans of beer, drank them, and returned all the cans to a recycler, you would have $214.00. That way better than any of those other stocks and you had a lot more fun instead of just getting raped by corporate america 🙂

So what would an investing strategy be with out a 50cent word attached to it? I present to you the 401keg plan.