Reading less tech blogs

Everyday I find myself moving away from reading technology blogs even though I work in technology.  My interests are gravitating towards Entrepreneurship and Small Business as I’m currently working on a business plan to start my own thing.

My current goal is to work from home and for myself.  I want to create my own and path and my own destiny and I have the full support from my Wife.  I currently can’t quit my day job and jump in head first, but that is my goal.  It can be done and is not a crazy, ok maybe a little crazy and I’m excited for where this new crazy path is going to lead me. Do I want this path to lead me to fame and fortune? No!!! but I do want it to lead me to rewarding work that i’m excited about doing day in and day out and be able to provide for my family while doing it.  Is that so much to ask?

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I Just installed PodPress

Wordpress + PodpressThere maybe a podcast coming your way later…

In the meantime, check out PodPress, the podcast plugin for wordpress.  I’ve heard some good things about this, so i’m trying it out and going to get my podcast started back up.

If you don’t know already, this site started out as the iPodder Documentation Project back in October of 2004 in the infancy of podcasting and has just kinda evolved into my personal blog.  I have the podcasting bug again, so i’m going to jump back in.  The beauty of new media.

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The best Newbie Photoshop Site

Adobe PhotoshopPhotoshop can be completely overwhelming to the uninitiated. Want to get your feet wet in Photoshop?  Photoshoplabs has some of the best Photoshop tutorials i’ve ever seen that are geared for newbies.  Be sure to check out their Tools category as it goes over and explains how to use photoshops tools in a very comprehensible way.By reading just a couple of their tutorials, I feel like i’m much more comfortable with Photoshop than I ever have been.  Even though i’ve been using photoshop for years doing very simple tasks like resizing photos and other small touch ups, i am now on my my way to mastering some of the more advanced tools by reading just a couple of blog posts.

Here is the post that showed me the light.

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It’s about time Scobe thought about leaving Microsoft

So the rumor mill is that Scoble is leaving Microsoft.  If true, this can only be good for Scoble and very bad for Microsoft as he seems to be the public face of Microsoft to the blogosphere and should probably be paid a lot more than he does at MS.  Personally I have no idea how much he gets paid, but from his his posts over the years, I don’t think it is that much.  Interesting that the rumor is he is going to  He could be a huge asset for any company at this juncture, as he gets people conversing.  Robert, if this is true, I wish you the best of luck.

Just read scobles site before posting.  Looks like the rumors are true.

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Google Browser Sync

Google LabsSo google came out with the “Google Browser Sync” today.  Great Idea, sync bookmarks and settings across multiple computers.  One feature that needs to be added is to be able to sync extensions across multiple computers.

You could just use Portable Firefox and take your browser with you where ever you go.
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Sociable Goodness

So i’m finally implementing some new WordPress plugins as you can see.  Now I have Sociable installed and you readers can submit any links you feel worthy of submitting to your favorite social news site.  My favorite is digg.  Others are welcomed.

Not sure if I will stick with Sociable as my social bookmark plugin, and i’m definately willing to take any recommendations from readers and give anything a whirl.  Bonus points if you wrote the plugin yourself.

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SimpleTags Plugin

WordpressI just downloaded the SimpleTags Plugin.

“SimpleTags is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to easily generate Technorati tags at the bottom of your blog entries. There are several plugins already available for this purpose, but they all require you to use custom fields within WordPress. The SimpleTags plugin eliminates this need, so you can now easily generate tags with your preferred method of posting, be it by email, a blogging tool like w.bloggar or from WordPress itself.”

I needed a simple tagging solution.  Now I have one, do you?
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Will you have enough money to retire?

Not having enough savings to retire scares the hell out of me.  I just read on that 43% of people will not have enough money when it comes retirement time?

Luckily I think i’m doing a pretty good job at saving for retirement.  If you don’t think you do or are worried, you should start reading the blog, “I will teach you to be rich”.  The blog is not about some get rich quick scheme, it’s articles teach you the slow, smart, tedious way of getting rich.

What are you waiting for, get on over there and start reading.  Make a plan and stick to it.  It is never to late to start saving.