Google Docs & Firefox Woes

Google Docs & SpreadsheatsI’ve been using Google Docs & Spreadsheets quite a bit lately to distance myself from Microsoft office & even Open Office for that matter. I love the fact that I can upload all my documents to my account and have instant access to them anywhere. And even better is the fact that you can invite people to collaborate on a document. The idea of having all my apps no matter where I am is a real no brainer for me. Some naysayer’s may give me the argument that you don’t always have net access, and I say I always have net access when i’m doing real work, I even have net access on my phone, so I “always” have net access. And if I don’t have net access I’m probably in a third world country enjoying myself and don’t want to be bothered with a computer anyway.
As I use it more I discovered the frustration of Firefox’s good security measures in Firefox 2. Firefox outright blocks access to the OS’s clipboard, so when you highlight text and right click to copy you get the following error message. I applaud Firefox’s good security measures, but for future releases they may want to alter their settings to allow certain high profile sites access to your computer’s clipboard.

Google Docs Copy Error

Fortunately there is a fix, although not the easiest, you have to edit the user.js file manually.

I will redirect you to the Google Operating System blog for a full write-up on how to fix this issue instead of regurgitating the content here.

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Old media is retarded

BoratFox reduced the opening of Borat from 2500 theaters to 800 and lost $53 million in sales because it. Retarded!!! I hope someone gets fired for that decision. They must have gotten scared from the snakes on a plane fiasco that bombed even with all the buzz surrounding it.

I can’t remember where I heard this statment, but “Borat is Jackass for the college educated”. I have not seen the movie yet, but I can’t wait. Everyone at starbucks today was talking about it when I went in to get my Latte.

[tags]Borat, Fox, Old Media, Movies, Cinema [/tags]’s feedburner plugin’s feedburner plugin rocks.  The plugin sends all forwards my wordpress feed to my feedburner feed, resulting in feedburner stats to be more acurate.  So feedburner will now report all subscribers to my old feed to my feedburner feed.  I installed the plugin the other day and  it works flawlessly.  I recommend all users of wordpress and feedburner to use this plugin as you will get  more acurate metrics on your subcribers to your rss feed.  I saw my feed subscriber stats double on feedburner as it looks like half of my subscribers to my wordpress feed instead of the feedburner feed.
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Adsense Removed

Well I have decided to remove adsense from the my blog for the time being.  I don’t get enough traffic to warrant it and it is just a hinderance on the the small amount of readers I do have.  If I ever get enough traffic to make some real money they may come back for now enjoy adfree.


Well I can’t divulge much at this point but I have numerous projects in the initial planning stages which may lead to a startup. I’m just too excited not to post something even though I am not going to say much at this point. I would like to have a working prototype before I divulge my little secret and unleash it on the world. Just to let you know it will be very web 2.0ish. God, I hate that term, it is such a cliche.

World Domination 2.0!!! Is that REM’s “The end of the world as we know it” playing in the background? I am looking for developer’s right now. If anybody’s interested please send me your resume and projects you have worked on to

Removal of Sociable Plugin

So after reading this post at 37signals I decided to remove the Sociable WordPress plugin that inserts links to all the popular social bookmarking websites on the net.  They have a very good point that a blog post is all about the content and not the linking or how to get linked.  People already know how to post to the sites and it’s easy, if your content is good it will get posted and moderated to a homepage.  So I thought i’d remove it remove a distraction from the site.  Now I just have to focus on quality content, or any content at all in my case as postings are few and far between.

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