Kevin Smith on Revenge of the Sith

I haven’t been all that excited for Revenge of the Sith until this:

“Revenge of the Sith is, quite simply, fucking awesome. This is the Star Wars prequel the haters have been bitching for since “Menace” came out, and if they don’t cop to that when they finally see it, they’re lying. ” — Kevin Smith

Flickr Pro Account

I have one flickr pro account to give away, but I want to give it to someone that will use it not let it go to waste. I gave one to my wife, now i’m debating who to give the last one too. I will consider viewers of this site for my giveaway, just write me something about why you think you deserve the pro account and e-mail it to me at

***update*** The Flickr Pro Account has been Given to Alan Joyce over at Everything Digital.


Pharmacists Refuse to fill prescriptions

Well I have never posted my political opinions here before, I usually stick to tech/podcasting type posts, but I found this at cnn and found it completely asinine.

Pharmacists are refusing to fill birth control prescriptions based on their moral values. Who the fuck has any right to come between a person and their doctor. A pharmacists job is to fill a prescription that the a doctor provided a person and make sure it won’t react with any alergies or any other prescriptions they are taking. Shut up and fill the fucking prescriptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My rant for the day, i’ll try not to make this a habit.