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  1. Your blog isn’t open for comments? 🙁

    Did I just miss that button?

  2. ira says:

    hi jeff,

    saw your response on your ergohuman chair..i am thinking of getting as well…currently i have the mirra chair which is a great chair…but my upper back hurts…and this chair has no headrest….just wondering if you hafe felt the headrest made a nice difference on your ergohuman and has helped you…thank you ira

  3. Jeff O'Hara says:

    ira, I do like the ergohuman chair, but the headrest is more of an asthetic feature and not very usable. I suggest trying one out.

  4. anonuser says:

    Do you still feel that the Ergohuman chair was worth your $500?

    Really considering it but it’s a big chunk of money.

  5. Jeff O'Hara says:

    I still feel the Ergohuman chair was worth every penny.

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