Happy Memorial Day

While your out BBQ’ing on your day off today, don’t forget to remember why you get this day off. Today is the day to remember all who have fallen for this great country. We may not agree with everything our government does, but that is no reason not to remember the the little guy who fought and died for our country. Just take a few moments to reflect on that. As a former veteran, I truly cherish Memorial day and Veteran’s day.



So officically as of friday, my wife and I our homeless. Well not really homeless, just living with my parents for the next 2 weeks until we close on our new house. Luckily my parents have DSL so I will be able to post now and again.

Next 3 weeks

I would like to thank everyone who visits my site regularly. Well I just got done packing up my house yesterday and my internet will be shut off sometime today. Hopefully not before I post this 🙂 I will be homeless for the next 3 weeks until I can move into my new house, so I do not now how often there will be posts in the next 3-4 weeks. I shouldn’t be out of the loop all together, I will have net access at work and when my wife and stay with my parents starting thursday. I’m sure i’ll be very busy and not scraping the net as closely as I usually do.

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George Lucas in Love

**update** forgot to post the link, here you go!

“A young George Lucas fights writer’s block while trying to complete his final screenplay for USC Film School. This satire of Star Wars and Shakespeare in Love has Lucas searching for the true origins of the Star Wars saga.”

In honor of Episode 3 tonight! I have my tickets for tommorow 🙂