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The podcast song

Here is a link to the podcast song. Check out the website for the song too.

FCC Song: Fuck You all so very much

Most of you have probably heard this by now, but for those of you that haven’t, here you go.

FCC Song: Fuck you all so very much

We should call this blogcasting

Well the term blogcasting has already been coined by the blog spot people, but blogcasting should be the term used when you create podcasts from blog posts using speech recognition technology such as what these guys from Talkr have done. I had thought about this quite a while ago. I was planning on writing a program to parse a blog’s RSS feed and use The Festival Speech Synthesis System (unix/linux) to convert the text to audio, but being the procrastinator that I am the project never got done. This seems like an amazing untapped area of podcasting. I found about Talkr over at Tipmonkies.

Video Mashup

This is the Music Video mashup i have seen. Green Day vs. Oasis.

onetonnemusic on payola

This is another reason why I don’t buy commercial music. It is confirmed, the music industry is the scum of the earth, right up there with lawyers and drug dealers.

Alan’s iTrip Hack

Alan Joyce over at has extended his range on his iTrip. Looks like alan is on his way to making a pirate radio station with the iTrip 🙂

update: I meant to post round 2 of the hack. oops!

MSNBC is Podcasting

Podcast News is reporting that MSNBC is podcasting. Here’s the MSNBC podcasting link that they failed to provide. Here is a full list of their podcasts:

    News Headlines from the Today Show and
    Business Headlines from
    Techwatch —’s exclusive technology news show
    White House Beat featuring NBC’s David Gregory and Kelly O’Donnell
    Today Show — get highlights featuring interviews with celebrities, newsmakers and more
    Nightly News with Brian Williams — Download the complete show.
    Meet the Press — Download the complete show hosted by NBC’s Tim Russert.
    The Abrams Report highlights featuring MSNBC’s Dan Abrams
    Hardball highlights featuring MSNBC’s Chris Matthews
    Countdown highlights featuring MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann
    Scarborough Country highlights featuring MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough
    The Situation highlights featuring MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson

My Vehicular Resume

Here’s my vehicular resume. I tend to drive my vehicles until they DIE!!!

1983 Dodge 400 (convertable) (owned a 1yr)
1991 Ford Ranger (4cyl) (owned 7yrs)
1988 Ford Taurus wagon (2 months)
1999 Honda Civic SI. (owned 6 yrs)

I tend to drive my vehicles until they DIE!!!

Eric Rice’s Resume
Doc Searls Resume


Looks like fox is podcasting your favorite TV shows. Maybe not your favorite, but somebody’s. I have not listened to one yet, but I will listen to one. Wonder if the commercials are played or cut out, i’m imagineing they are still in. I’m downloading arrested development right now. Now if they would just take a chance like the Sci-Fi channel did with Battlestar Gallactica and provide downloads of video, we’d be getting somewhere. The landscape is changing, time for the “old media” to evolve a bit.

Finish this sentence….

“Podcasting won’t be mainstream until…..?”

Rex Hammock: “I say podcasting won’t officially be mainstream until it has its first payola scandal.”

Jeff O’Hara (me) “I say podcasting won’t officially be mainstream until someone “indie” podcaster makes their first million in podcast advertising.”