Monthly Archives: November 2005

Linux Music Creation Software

Sick of paying for expensive music creation software or just looking for some software for linux to play with. Check out LMMS.

Kultur -Anthropology Blog

From the shameless plug department — My friend kultur has just started an anthropology blog at If anybody is interested in anthropology, take a meander over to kultur and tell him zemote sent you. His blog has just started last night, but I am pretty confident his blug will produce some high quality athropology blogging.

Here is an excerpt from his first post “The goal of this blog is to develop meaningful conversations about social science, philosophy, teaching, the practice of science, and academia. One can expect a continuing dialogue of epistemological inquiries connected to the social sciences and efforts to reach some sort of “truth” in the above areas.”


Xbox 360 Launch – Luck of the Irish

Looks like everyone is lined up for their xboxes at best buy, I am so not waiting out in the cold for an xbox. I’m doing a lottery at my local meijer. They are handing out tickets at 11-11:30pm then doing a raffle. If I get one cool, if not I can wait. My goal is actually to sell it on ebay if I get one and finance mine for a later date. We’ll see if the luck of the Irish is in my favor tonight, after all my last name is O’Hara.


Xbox 360 onsale Tonight

So Xbox 360 goes onsale at midnight tonight, so who is buying one and selling them for profit on e-bay?


My new Linux Distro

Looks like I’ve found a new linux distro. I’ve been a RedHat user for many years, since the 5.0 days and i’ve tried many distros over the years. I’ve been playing Ubuntu all day and I’m digging it a whole lot. Very bare bones and it’s based on debian so I have apt-get at my disposal which i’ve been using on RedHat for a few years now. Not sure if i’ll keep it as a server OS but it is definately by new desktop OS. I will probably be using CentOS as my new server OS. Ubuntu has a live CD you should check out if you don’t feel like installing it on a partition.

Google Analytics – Currently Undergoing Maintenance

Great way to start your service. Guess Google wasn’t expecting such a high demand. They should realize anything they release is going to be high profile. Here is a message I just received while trying to sign up for Google Analytics.

Google Analyitics Launch Error Message

Boycott Sony

Boycott Sony, I hope they go broke and rot in hell!!!!

Changed Name

Well this site has been called “The iPodder Documentation Project” for well over a year, iPodder has changed it’s name due to pressure from apple so I guess i’m changing my name. I’ve talked about this before but never really got around to doing it. So the name is currently changed to “zemote” which is the domain name and my online alias. Shoot me an e-mail if you can think of a good name for the site. I will keep brainstorming.


Zach Braff Vlogging

Zach Braff is now vlogging, he gives a tip on if your white and pasty, white balance on something blue and you will look tan, made me laugh pretty hard.


Digg in business week

Great article interviewing the founders of digg in business week online.