Diskspace ran out

I had a script running downloading some updates, but the script never cleared unneaded files and disk usage went to 100%. Not sure how long this has been, but i’m assuming a few days. Guess that is a hint to post to my blog a bit more often 🙂

My letter to the movie industry

The movie industry just doesn’t get it. They blame all their problems on Piracy, yet I don’t know a single person that actually downloads movies. I think downloading of movies is far over blown, it just takes too long. I get 800K per second downloads yet it’s still too slow for movies. The nice thing about downloading music was the instant gratification. Most of us that use computers need that instant gratification and downloading movies just doesn’t give us that.

The real root of the Movie industry’s problems is lack of compelling movies. I think I saw 3 movies total this year at the theaters, The Wedding Crashers, 40yr Old Virgin, & Walk the Line. Those were the only 3 movies that interested me enough to see them in the theater. Guess what my entertainment has been, exactly in this order, The Internet, HDTV, Music, DVD’s, videogames.

I think the real problem why everyone’s sales are down is there are too many options to consume media. Think of it, how many options did you have 5, 10, 20 years ago compared to what we have today to consume media. I know I consume more media today than I did 10 years ago, I just get it from more sources which declines how much I pay to each source.

Movie industry, you better not sit on your fat asses and whine about piracy, because it’s not your real problem. The problem is the market changing and you have to change with it or your going t0 get left in the dust by people that see the writing on the wall.

Good luck, your so screwed!!!

Making PLans

If you and your friends have problems gettings plans straight or even making them, Skobee fills your void. I’ve seen a lot of so called “web 2.0” site and this is one of the better concepts out there. Not sure if it will take off to the likes of flickr and digg, but this seems like one that could make it. It’s very social, but maybe it needs some ugliness to it to catch on like myspace 🙂 The big problem for newcummers right now is that there are so many new sites popping up that even really good ones may get left in the dust.

Linux gets a second life

Not a second life as in a cats 9 lives, but Second Life the Virtual playpen of many online escapes. So us fellow linux users now have a second life aside from IRC. Just think of it as IRC with better graphics 🙂

Where are the XBOX36o’s?

Ok, it’s march 6th where are the xbox 360’s in the stores? Shouldn’t they be readily availalable by now. The only things i’m seeing are 600-1000 bundles. Come on MS, your supply chains still sucks, i’ve waited this long, I might as well wait for the rest of the consoles to come out and see how they compare.

One less vice

Well am quitting smoking today, I will be more irritable, but my blog may benefit as I hope I will have a renewed energy for some tech projects. I’ve spent so much money and wasted so much time smoking over the last 10 years, i’m ready to put the nasty habit to sleep and start living a more healthy lifestyle. Wish me luck, if there are any former smokers out there, I would love to hear how you quit and how it has improved your life.