Yahoo! Go

Yahoo! GoI just downloaded yahoo go and so far it’s pretty nice, but it needs better support for capture cards as mine is not supported. I know it’s just in beta, but I hope they keep at it, because it’s already very usable. Tivo should be scared.

It may be time to get a more efficient vehicle

I drive a 1999 honda civic SI, I get about 26-30 miles a gallon depending on how i’m driving, city/highway. It is fairly respectable as far as gas mileage goes. My wife drives a 2001 Toyota Rav4, which gets just slightly worse. Times are a changing and all those a$$holes driving big huge gas guzzling SUV’s are finally having a reality check. I’m pretty sure we are going to hit $4 a gallon this year and guess what that means. All prices go up and we are going because everything is linked to fuel in some direct or indirect manner. I really want a hybrid, but the maintenance costs scare the hell out of me once there is no warranty. I want to know why small business owners Hummer’s are a Huge Tax deduction and not fuel efficient vehicles. Why aren’t solar panel’s for my house cost effective. Free clean energy is sitting right under are nose, we just need to make it affordable for the masses. Why isn’t our government pushing for this, WHY WHY WHY???????

BIG OIL COMPANIES PROFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats why!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if this was a long drawn out rant, but i’m just annoyed with big oil and our government.

I drank the Second Life Kool-Aid

Plan 9

Spent a few hours in second life last night over on the Slackstreet Backlot and on10 island chatting with Eric Rice. I finally get what all the fuss is about. It really is the next frontier. There is a real opportunity in this virtual world. Hmm, I wonder if my first business venture may be virtual… Maybe it’s time to incorporate Zemote Media LLC or Zemote Ventures INC.