WordPress Plugin Issues

If you got a blank page on my blog recently, it looks like it was due to a combination of plugins and sidebar widgets on my blog.  I’m working on correcting this.  I disabled all my plugins except akismet (comment spam plugin) and sidebar widgets.  I’ll have to get to the root of the problem later, unfortunately i’m short on time and extremely busy at work.  I’ll post more later. Talk to everyone later.  Keep reading, I promise more coming…


New Theme came… Blog posts coming

People that come to my site and don’t just use a Feed Reader will notice a new theme.  Sorry it’s been slow around here lately, i’ve been trying to get some work done around the house and haven’t had much interesting to say, so i’ve been laying low.  Hopefully the new theme will get me excited to blog some more here.


New Sidebar Widgets for you!!!

You should notice I have made a bunch of changes to the sidebar on the right. This is to help you “the readers”, by making it easier to add my RSS feed to a feed reader you may be using. You can even subscribe to e-mail upadates if you do not already use a feed reader. I would recommend Google Reader if you are currently not using a feed reader already and need a recommendation .

You will also a Flickr widget, which should show my most recent pictures that I have taken. I have just entered the world of Digital SLR photography so you should see quite a bit of new pictures there.

Also new on the sidebar, is a MyBlogLog Widget. MyBlogLog is a service that allows readers to connect with each other. Some larger sites are creating large communities with this service and communicating with people that share common interests. I’d recommend all my readers to check this out as many blogs are using this service and you may find a blog communties to join even if you do not decide to join or interract with mine.

Last but not least there is a twitter widget which has updates to my latest Twitter activity. Twitter is a service that allows you to post short little posts under 140 characters. If your curious to know what i’m up to in between blog posts you can check out my Twitter page.

There are a lot of services out there, and I try and test out almost everyone it seems. These are the lone few that I trust and like enough to share with my readers. Hope you guys enjoy using them. Let me know if you have any issues with any of them and I’ll see what I can do to make any changes you may deem necessary.

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Blogging with IMified.com

This is a test post using IMified.com’s WordPress posting service. IMified.com is really cool as it allows you to post to various web based services. Currently I have setup my WordPress blog and Google calendar. Currently they support 10 different external services and 3 of their own services which include, notes, todo’s, and reminders. I like the fact that I can post to my services using the IM client on my blackberry instead of having to launch a web browser. The web service on my Nextel Blackberry is incredibly slow!!!! The biggest issue I see with this is having limited formating when posting to a blog. This may be one of the best services i have seen to come along in a while, and can definately see using this to post in a pinch. It will also make it extremely easy to update my google calendar very easily.

Update:  Well the test post went through and am extremely happy with the ease of posting.

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