Well, looks like the documentation node I keep for the for the ipodder.org directory is now linked on the main page of ipodder.org under the howto tab, woohoo. Not sure how long it’s been there but I guess I have a bigger responsibility for keeping it updated. Adam Curry put’s a lot of trust in us directory maintainers to keep the directory up to date and I aim to do just that. I am calling on the community to send me links of information to get some more documentation/news related items in there.


New Digital Camera

I just picked up a new digital camera to replace my aging 1.3mp Olympus d360l. I purchase a 4mp Canon SD300 which is very tiny and very nice. I will be uploading images via my Flickr site.

I first started looking at this camera when Kevin Rose posted it on his blog about being his current favorite digital camera and I was in the market so I researched it and was trying to decide between the SD300 and the S70, smallness one out over features. Kevin, you should get a commission 🙂