Monthly Archives: December 2004

Doug Kaye

Guess I get a little star struck when important people in the blogging/podcasting world e-mail me or send me links. Doug Kaye from IT Conversations just sent me links on the 26th of December to add the IT Conversations Wiki to the documentation node of the directory. So it is now up, a little late as his e-mail was burried under a barage of spam and e-mail.


Wired News and Podcasting

Wired News article “You, Too, Can Be a Podcaster”. Enjoy everybody!!!


Well, looks like the documentation node I keep for the for the directory is now linked on the main page of under the howto tab, woohoo. Not sure how long it’s been there but I guess I have a bigger responsibility for keeping it updated. Adam Curry put’s a lot of trust in us directory maintainers to keep the directory up to date and I aim to do just that. I am calling on the community to send me links of information to get some more documentation/news related items in there.


Reel Reviews Podcast about Podcasting

Michael W. Geoghegan over at Reel Reviews has his podcast about podcasting up. Check it out. Michael’s podcast is excellent! I’m a little jealous of his setup.


Comment Spam

Scoble has been getting comment spam as posted on his website. I’m blocking spam via word press and keywords. It’s been working so far. I will be monitoring the situation very closely.


New Digital Camera

I just picked up a new digital camera to replace my aging 1.3mp Olympus d360l. I purchase a 4mp Canon SD300 which is very tiny and very nice. I will be uploading images via my Flickr site.

I first started looking at this camera when Kevin Rose posted it on his blog about being his current favorite digital camera and I was in the market so I researched it and was trying to decide between the SD300 and the S70, smallness one out over features. Kevin, you should get a commission 🙂



Now I have my site pinging Ping-O-Matic. One ping that pings all the top pinging servers for tracking and connecting blogs. If your a blogger/podcaster, check it out.



My Flickr site! Now I just need to replace my digital camera with something better. My Olympus D360L is just no longer cutting it. Now it’s time to look for a 6-7 megapixel monster.


Never drop off photos again!

Check this out, now you can print directly to your neighborhood photo developer.


Google Epic

My frien sent me this link…