Information Management

I have finally reached Information Overload, I can not manage information manually anymore. I’m reading more blogs, listening to more podcasts, starting to blog more, working more, geez I feel spent. Time to get news a news aggregator going. I like Newsgator but not really a fan of outlook. I need to check out thunderbird. I’ve been using Firefox Live bookmarks but they just don’t cut it anymore. Fine for a few rss feeds but beyond that it is no good. Now if They could incorporate a full on news aggregator into Firefox, that would be sweet, but then it kind of defeats the purpose of Firefox being a small, light, and efficient web browser that is virtually spyware immune.

Also podcasts with iRiver H320 is not easily managed….yet. Thinking I may have to write a script myself to do it how I want. I feel I’m at the mercy of the shitty software that comes with iRiver. There is iRivium that is better but it is still not exactly what I’m looking for. I want flexibility, features, and usability. Is that so much to ask? I love my iRiver, but i’m a geek and I like playing with things, so the iRiver suits me, but i need easabilty of management which the iPod has down pat. Just doesn’t have the features that me being a geek/audio enthusiast wants/needs. Come on iRiver, get some better software engineers, we know you have some good hardware engineers!!! Maybe the folks over at Red Chair Software will step up to the plate and solve my problems with their iRivium software, which I have paid them $25 bucks for lifetime upgrades.