Netflix Friends

I have a Netflix account and they just announced a new service called Netflix Friends, basically I can spam my friends with more crap they don’t need enticing them to join by being able to see what i’m currently viewing. I feel they screwed up and should have made this service more like a blog with a feed or script or something I could publish on my blog to show what movies i’m currently viewing. This would be free advertising for them as I would post a Netflix tab on my sidebar with current movies i’m viewing and have out and be able to share with my viewers some insight of what i’m about and what I like, what i’m currently viewing and what i have viewed. I think they missed the boat, kinda sad. I’m sure I could write php to do this for me, but I’m lazy and it doesn’t interest me that much to spend my time coding it. Come on Netflix, get on the boat with RSS, show Dave Winer you care 🙂 Boing!