Organize your Life

Ok, lately I have been in a funk and need way more organization. Too many documents, too many websites to read, too many podcasts to listen too. RSS is my answer to the saving time reading blogs/websites and podcasts, but what do I do to organize everything. Well I have heard about Microsoft’s OneNote application but never really new what it did or what it was for. I assumed it was some sort of note taking software. I just finally decided to demo the trial from microsoft’s website and had an epiphany the first 5 minutes of using the software, this could change they way I organize my entire life. I’m not a huge fan of Microsoft products, but I think Microsoft finally did something right with OneNote. Anybody that runs Windows should definately check this piece of software out, it’ll really change the way you organize everything. I will be asking my boss tommorow to buy me a licence. I work in education and an Educational License is $49 bucks, the regular license is $99 and even at that price point it is well worth every penny spent.