Overpriced MP3 Stereo Connectors

Ever want a BMW just so you can hook your iPod up too it. What many of you may not know is that you may be able to add iPod connectivity directly to your car right now. If your stereo has a CD Changer input control directly from the factory you can buy a low cost Digital Auxiliary Input from PIE Electronics and have High quality audio from your mp3 to your car. No distortion or static that can be found in tape deck adapters or fm transistor’s. I have one of these and it may be the single best auto accessory I have ever bought.

(disclaimer: I have not been paid or approached by PIE electronics, their product just rocks)


1 thought on “Overpriced MP3 Stereo Connectors

  1. Can you elaborate a little more about the PIE interface. Was it a CD changer to Aux converter?

    I have a 2G iPod and would like to interface with my 98 Caddy & 03 Suburban. Any insights or web sites to can give me will help. Such as, do I connect the output of my iPod control cord directly into the Aux Input?



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