Who are my viewers?

Hey, if you view this blog regularly, who are you, what do you do, do you have a blog? Just curious to see who are my listeners and looking for some feed back on the website. I am always welcome to comments, suggestions, etc… This site is for you, the podcasting community!!!


7 thoughts on “Who are my viewers?

  1. Hello- I wouldn’t call myself a regular, but I stop by once in awhile. I podcast myself, about nothing in paticular, just audio ramblings. I also run a website that streams podcasts 24/7.


  2. Alan, glad you stop by. I love the everythingdigital.org podcast and blog. Keep up the good work and keep coming back.

    The iPodder Documentation Project

  3. Hey… stop in now and again… bit of an old hand these days it seems, now I want to know everything I missed out on over the last few years… (long story, behind the tech curve for a little bit). Neeeeeed a good resource for OPML and XML in general. Working on finding hosting for my podcast, don’t want to torrent it. Any suggestions?

  4. There are many cheap hosting companies these days. I know some people who are using bluehost.com and dinix.com. I like hosts that do vps/vds, basically it’s a virtual server with root access. As far opml resources check out opml.org and for xml resources check out xml.com. Just use google and you’ll find a plethera of resouces.


  5. Hi, Jeff,

    Very interesting site… as a terrestrial radio broadcaster, see podcasting as a great compliment to what my station accomplishes… in fact, am currently working on two projects: running my station USING an iPod via XLR connections… have already broadcast individual tracks this way… and, if I have already paid my ASCAP and BMI license fees for terrestrial radio, and then take the one hour shows and podcast them, I believe there is no royalty conflict. However, am not a lawyer, just someone who has been in the multimedia environs for more than 25 years… would love the original shows we broadcast to be podcastable for others… thanks for all of your work! And now, the hunt for a SOLID podcast website host continues…

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