Podcasting Software

Ableton Live is a a realtime music production suite. I’ve been playing around with this app recently and think that this could be a great podcast recording application. You can load up an unlimited number of clips to play. You can even load a whole podcast and define a region to play so you only play a clip of the podcast. I’m so doing a tutorial on how to do a podcast with Live as soon as I figure out how to do some things. The only problem is it’s expensive, but it does come bundled with some of m-audio’s hardware. Check out the video and just think of the the posibilties.

I just looked at m-audio’s site and they have this bundle, you get 2 condenser microphones, an m-audio pre-amp, and ableton live delta for $349. Sounds like a great podcasting starter kit to me.

***update*** Deal killer, no mp3 support!!!! It is on people’s wish lists though.