Discovery Launched

10:39am ET. Space Shuttle Discovery has launched, it has been a long time since i’ve watched a launch live.

10:45am ET. Looks like it they are goiing to to make it to space with out any complications. It is amazing at how many cameras they have on the shuttle. The camera angle from the top of the Liquid tank looking at the underside of the shuttle is truly an amazing view.

10:46: Stream cut of!!!! argh!!!
10:47: Stream choppy, argh!!! I’m guessing MSNBC’s servers are getting pretty beat up right now.
10:49: Shuttle has separated from tank successfully.
10:50: Looks like video has been lost with the tank and will probably be burning up very shortly.
10:54: Ok, now i’m leaving, now they are just analyzing and speculating and talking about the last shuttle disaster. And have had enough of old media. Do they think this is what us as viewers want from the news. Had enough. Now i’m going to see if there are any Vloggers covering the launch. I will keep you posted if I find some good blog/vlog/podcasting posts and link them here.