Use of C-SPAN Podcasts and RSS Feeds is Restricted.

Directly from C-SPAN’s Podcast Website.

“IMPORTANT NOTICE: Use of C-SPAN Podcasts and RSS Feeds is Restricted. Please Read Notice Below Carefully.

The audio content of C-SPAN’s podcasts and the content of C-SPAN’s RSS feeds are fully protected by copyright.

Neither C-SPAN’s podcasts nor their associated RSS feeds may be used for any political, commercial or otherwise unauthorized purpose. Any retransmission, sale, public performance or other unauthorized duplication of the podcasts or of the RSS feeds is strictly prohibited.

However, you may make copies of the podcasts and RSS feeds (by means of, for example, a PC, an MP3 player, or a CD) solely for your personal and noncommercial use.

No C-SPAN podcast or RSS feed may be displayed on any website, including personal websites.”

This very interesting, does this mean that you can not add C-SPAN’s RSS feed to a directory? I don’t get why they would do this. What does this accomplish. Can a directory not have a C-SPAN podcast in their directory? I think they need to clarify what they mean . Really though, what should I care, they are only hurting themselves.