Underwater cameras save drowning girl

I’m sure most of you have already seen this as i’m assuming most of you read engadget. Well for those of you that haven’t check it out. Being a former Lifeguard and Petty Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, I find “The Poseidon System” and ingenious use of technology that can help save lives. No matter how many human eyes you have looking at something there is always a margin of error and even more so when fatigue kicks in from being out in the hot sun for 10 hours. I’m sure there are a lot of technologies like this that we haven’t heard about or are currently in development and I can’t wait to see them. Unfortunately cost of these types of systems will probably be the biggest limiting factors in widespread adoption of systems such as The Poseidon System.

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Interesting Espresso Fact

I was just listening to the coffeegeek podcast and learned that a shot of espresso has @40mg of of caffeine and a cup of brewed coffee has between 200-400mg of caffeine. Very interesting.

If you are a coffee lover and like quality coffee, check out the coffee geek podcast. One of the best podcasts i’ve listened too. Very well produced and informative about coffee, espresso, home roasting, etc.

ATM Crash

The other day I pulled up to an ATM and it was in the middle of crashing and so I was able to shoot these pics during the crash and reboot. The ATM never did come up fully so I was unable to get some cash. I’m so not thrilled that ATM’s are running Windows XP, seems like linux would be a much more stable platform for dealing with important financial transactions such as my money. It would be cheaper to deploy also.

**update** Aug 25th 6:00pm CDT: I posted the rest of my photos here instead of having you link through to flickr if you don’t want too.

ATM Crash