Chris Pirillo’s Open Letter to Sony

Chris Pirillo writes “I have two suggestions for you: (1) Sell PSP movies / shows at $5 a pop; and/or (2) bundle UMDs with your regular DVD cases as value-adds. The first suggestion is self-explanatory. The second deserves your full attention. You’ll fuel countless more PSP sales by bundling the UMD with another media purchase… instead of screwing your customers in yet another way.”

I don’t know about you you, but I think the idea of bundling UMD’s with regular DVD sales is an ingenious way to sell more PSP’s. I would definately buy a PSP if I had all these UMD’s laying around doing nothing. I am not your ideal market for a PSP owner, i don’t travel much, I’m not a gamer and don’t have a lot of free time to play with a “toy”. But the fact that I would have all these UMD’s laying would make me start thinking about puchasing one. Ingenious!!!!