Monthly Archives: December 2005

Blogging From The Hospital

So I’m sitting here in the radiology department blogging from the free WiFi at our local hopspital? What is the most unexpected place to offer free public WiFi that you’ve encountered?

Can you smell Antitrust case?

So it looks like Microsoft is trying to block out Blue-Ray. I smell another government antitrust case in the works. I wish they would either unify or let the consumers decide.

Camera Tossing

Camera TossingI love the pics from camera tosses, but i’m too chicken to use my own camera.

Post some links to your camera tosses if your not chicken, I dare ya!!!!

Coast Guard Movie

Not many of you may know but I spent 4 years on active duty in the Coast Guard and 2 1/2 years in the Coast Guard Reserve. I just found out about a new movie called “The Guardian” starring Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Kostner which just began filming.

“Plot Outline: In an effort to find his place in life, a troubled young man enlists in the Coast Guard, where he’s taken in by a renown rescue swimmer who’s hardened by the loss of his team from an accident years back. ”

My times in the Coast Guard were some very good times of my life, and am incredibly excited to see this movie when it comes out.

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone of my readers a merry christmas.

Michael Moore on Copyright

Michael Moore finally says something intelligent.

RSS Feed Icons

RSS Feed IconMatt, I’m already doing this.

Get your feed icons on!!!

Spread the word, make the new standard recognizable to the critical mass!!!

Chicago Bloggers has a great idea on their website, the blogs listed on their site are categorized by what train line/stop that particular blogger is close too, so now us chicagoans can check out who gets off at the same train stop. I’m thinking this could be expanded on a bit using Google’s Maps API and make it a bit more interactive and trendy 🙂

The World of Quality Coffee

Press PotWell last night I pulled out my trusty old French Press and decided to make some press pot coffee. I have been listening to the Coffee Geek podcast for a while and have been contemplating buying a decent espresso machine. They talk about press pot coffee quite a bit and how it is a great way to get into quality coffee as it is a fairly low cost way of getting quality coffee. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make Press Pot coffee with french press.

Don’t forget you should use a decent Burr grinder and some quality coffee, I prefer coffee bean’s from Pete’s or Intelligentsia.

Disclaimer: None of these companies have paid for this post or given me anything free.

Another reason why Myspaces Sucks

Not only are myspaces websites the ugliest I have ever seen, here is another reason to boycott them.

Youtube, would you get some permalinks on your blog? They have RSS feeds for their recently added videos, but I think their service could be added to have an RSS feed for their blog and video categories. Lets say I’m only interested in Videoblogging or Art’s and Animation videos, I would like those to be received automaticly instead of having to sift through or just see their new stuff.