World of Warcraft

I’m not much of a gamer, I go in cycles, I will play a game non-stop for 2 weeks then not play a game for 6 months or so. I decided to see what all the fuss is about over World of Warcraft, I played the original warcraft many many years ago and just thought i’d take a stab at a massive muli user game or whatever you call it. I may not post for a while as I may become addicted to this as many have already become. We’ll see. You will know by my lack of appearance hear if i’ve become addicted or not, you may want to send in an intervention team if you don’t see me post for a while 🙂


I want to use WordPress’s Akismet plugin but am not able to login to my account to obtain an Akismet API key. I tried resetting my password at but still can not login to my account.

If anybody knows Matt Mullenweg and can get my issue forwarded and pushed up a bit, I’d be appreciative. Lets see if the power of blogosphere works in my favor today 🙂

Comments Back

Comments are finally back, I had to shut them off as I was getting too much comment spam. Now I’m working on tackling it with Blacklists and Plugins. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Eric Rice and Contracts

Sounds to me like Eric may have signed a pretty shitty contract, Eric you may want to get your Lawyers to look over contracts before signing them. Well as an outsider I have know Idea what or who Eric Rice’s contractual obligations are regarding his recent post, but i’m going to take a stab.

Early this year Eric was doing podcasts for Engadget, he did only a couple shows and that was it and the editors decided to take over and do it themselves. I either hit the nail on the head or i’m completely talking out of my ass on this issue. It doesn’t really matter one way or the other but I’m curious if my observations were correct.

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MS adopting Firefox’s RSS icon

Firefox RSS Icon

Wait, look at it…..

Get a good glimpse…..

This is the icon we are going to see everywhere for the forseable future in regards to RSS. Microsoft is adopting Firefox’s RSS icon. Web developers we’ll use it because it will become more familiar to people as the masses adopt RSS. If you don’t like it, tough… it looks like it’s here to stay.