Another Reason Microsoft Sucks

I had been dealing with a Microsoft MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) problem on my iRiver T30 Plays4sure device on my laptop. It worked in multiple machines but not my laptop and has been a big pain in my arse!!! And of course searching through Microsoft’s support site is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

1 thought on “Another Reason Microsoft Sucks

  1. Preach on Brother!
    You are so right. Just another example of more Microsoft strings to make things more of a hassle for customers.. not less. I mean, what the hell was wrong with good ‘ol USB?

    IRiver devices (with MTP) are supposed to connect natively in Vista. If it doesn’t, then what? With USB you just dl drivers and bang .. up and running. With MTP you are screwed.

    If not Vista, like XP, you MUST download Microsoft Windows Media Player (which coincidentally and inexplicably is part of the OS and technically cannot be uninstalled only down reved) AND you can only load content through synching via WMP!!!

    YES …Microsoft / IRiver … customers love to be forced into using products just to allow their other purchased products to (sometimes) function.

    Media Transfer Protocol = Many headaches, forced product bundling, no advantages.

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