Reading less tech blogs

Everyday I find myself moving away from reading technology blogs even though I work in technology.  My interests are gravitating towards Entrepreneurship and Small Business as I’m currently working on a business plan to start my own thing.

My current goal is to work from home and for myself.  I want to create my own and path and my own destiny and I have the full support from my Wife.  I currently can’t quit my day job and jump in head first, but that is my goal.  It can be done and is not a crazy, ok maybe a little crazy and I’m excited for where this new crazy path is going to lead me. Do I want this path to lead me to fame and fortune? No!!! but I do want it to lead me to rewarding work that i’m excited about doing day in and day out and be able to provide for my family while doing it.  Is that so much to ask?

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