Ever feel like your being overextended?  Is your employer tasking you with too much?  I’ve been feeling a lot of this lately.  I run the webservers (linux & windows), I code, I design, produce video, fix desktops, feild e-mails all day long, secure servers and desktops, manage 3 firewalls, manage 20 part time webmasters.  I could go on….  The problem is
I am not a true expert in any of the areas.  I know enough in each area to get by and get the job done, but I never truly feel satisfied in any one area as I don’t feel I am doing any of my tasks to the best of my abilities.  Is it time for a new job?  I dunno.  I work in educational environment (k-12) for a rather large school district and are pretty flexible when it comes to hours and time off? Which is more important? satisfication with the tasks I do or satisfication in the flexibility and decent hours. Can I have both or am I just whining that I want my cake and eat it too.  Decisions…Decisions…

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