Remove the barriers to reaching your goal

I just read a great blog post on I will Teach you to be Rich talking about barriers being your enemy to getting things done and reaching your goal. Barriers can be something physical or mental. It is up to you to determine what those barriers are and overcoming them.

My biggest barrier to manifesting my goals is procrastination. The internet is probably my biggest item in procrastination, but it is also where I do all my research to accomplish things. I certainly can’t shut the internet off completely as I need it to do my job and my goals are internet based. But I can certainly shut off the internet for periods of time to actually get some real work done in helping myself manifest my goals. Maybe I should take an hour offline for every hour that i’m on… Do you think that is reasonable?

What are your barriers to achieving your goals? Isn’t it about time you started removing them today?

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2 thoughts on “Remove the barriers to reaching your goal

  1. Procrastination is definitely my biggest obstacle, and, like you, it’s because I need to be connected to the Internet when I’m working.

    I’ve tried the offline thing, but it didn’t really work out for me. So I decided to compromise and stay online but turn off my IM apps and email notifiers. This way, I’m not interrupted by others, but I can still access the info I need.

  2. I ususally require about at least 10 mins worth of Internet release for every hour or so of working… I’ve been quite productive in the past if I, say, limit myself to only doing any Internet-related activities until after lunch or after 2p… but by that time I am busting.

    For me, the Internet is more than procrastination… it is a release, like taking a breather outside in the fresh air. So, I am back to small, but managable Internet breaks during the workday.. it keeps the creative juices flowing. =0)

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