My new RSS reader…

Well i’be been an onfolio user for quite some time and microsoft bought them recently which pretty much kills the idea of them supporting firefox ever again.  So for the last week, i’ve been trying out new RSS readers.  Most have them have been online as I currently use 3 diffferent computers and would like my feeds accesible wherever I go.  The 2 front runners have been Rojo and Bloglines.

I have resisted bloglines for some time as I just can’t stand the looks of the interface.  step in Rojo.  Rojo is incredibly pretty and I really like what they are doing in the the social aspect of a blog reading, taggingn, etc.  Only one problem, there aren’t any shortcuts to quickly run through my feeds.  Reading feeds with a mouse can be extremely time consuming.  So i’m giving bloglines another shot and have been using it all day.

Does anybody have know of a way to change the interface of bloglines and make it look less circa 2000?  Right now the looks are my really only complaint with bloglines as the shortcuts they have provided make it easy to blast through my feeds efficiently.

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