Drupal 5.0 beta 1 released today…

Drupal LogoAfter installing Drupal 4.7.4 yesterday for testing on project I am working on, Drupal 5 beta 1 gets launched today. So I just got done installing it and it was a breeze with the new installer script. After installing the php5-gd library and configuring cron, I now have a working Drupal 5.0 beta 1 system working. I’m just glancing over the administration and it already looks to be a huge improvement in the usability of the administration of a Drupal site. I am extremely stoked about this release as I’m increasingly relying on Drupal to get work done whether it be in my personal or professional life. The drupal folks have done a stellar job this year in increasing the profile of drupal and is definately the premier Open Source CMS on the market. The new default drupal theme is hands down 100% better than the old default theme.

If you are evaluating CMS’s you’d be stupid not to take a look at drupal. The code is clean and easily extendable and you can pretty much make it do anything.

Drupal, keep up the good work! Can’t wait for the official release of 5 to start using in projects.

**Update** you can check out my demo of Drupal 5.0 beta 1 at http://test.zemote.com/drupal

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