Decent wordpress templates…

So my wife today told me she didn’t like my wordpress design/template.  What are your thoughts.  Should I pick another, or go with a completely original design? All constructive thoughts, comments and criticisms will be taken into account.  Please no flames.

5 thoughts on “Decent wordpress templates…

  1. I kind of like it, but it seems to need some sort of vertical element to contrast the otherwise horizontal layout. I’ve tried a number of different themes and I’m never quite satisfied until I build one for myself. It needs to be personal for me.

  2. This is the new theme I changed too. I’ve tried building themes, i’m just not a designer so until I can pay someone to design a custom template for me, a pre-built one is going to have to do. Thanks for the comment Douglas, just added your blog to my reader.

  3. So far so good. This particular template seems to engage the eye more so than others you have tried. It has a somewhat fresh feeling to it – it tends to draw the eye toward the content well.

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