Vista’s downfall looms

I’ve been using Windows Vista the past couple days after I received my copy from Microsoft in the mail. My biggest gripe has been driver support for some legacy hardware that is perfectly capable. It seems that driver support on vista is going to be a bear and is going to frustrate a lot of people. I’ve ran into 3 instances so far where I can’t use hardware that I already own.

    1. Logitech USB headset 200 does not work under vista at all
  1. Logitech USB Keyboard Elite does not work fully under Vista
  2. I have not been able to get my Griffin Powermate to work under vista

When people’s hardware doesn’t work, it frustrates them and everyone is going to be crying “I want XP back”, which i’m already starting to do. If these vendors can’t get drivers out, people are going to start saying that vista sucks and telling all their freinds. Some people may say, switch to linux, but that is a whole different issue all together when it comes to hardware support. I love linux and all, but there will always be issues with hardware support as drivers have to be reverse engineered since most hardware manufacturers don’t release drivers for linux. Everyone be fore warned that some of your old hardware may not work as expected if you move to vista, or not work at all.

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4 thoughts on “Vista’s downfall looms

  1. Hello, I am from Holland, Netherlands, I am using Linux SuSE for several years now.

    The latest Windows version I am using, just for test purposes (because I make wesbites) is Win 2000 (Win2k).

    Any Windows version after that appears to be exponentially sucking. I have thrown away XP, I have thrown away Vista, and I will throw away any other next Windows version, even if I get heavily paid to use Windows hah!

    Because I love to play Microsoft Flight Simulator, I’d be forced to install XP or Vista. But I will not. So I keep running old versions of the Flight Sim.

    “New” does not necessarily mean “better”. Microsoft is well on the way to sink into the mud of useless gimmicks of userunfriendly system hostilities.

    I pity those millions of households who think they h-a-v-e t-o install Vista otherwise “the pc won’t run”. Countless people I am talking to remain blinded towards Microsoft violation of PC Rights (Human Rights, …, got it?)

  2. I am also a Linux & Mac user and have been using Linux for @ a decade now. I’m a geek and use everything. Some things I use Windows for and somethings I use Linux for. I do all my programming in Linux. Windows I mostly keep for Photoshop, Sony Video Vegas, & games. These days I keep Ubuntu for my Linux Desktop and Redhat or CentOS for my servers. I am by no means a MS fanboy, I am probably more of a Linux fanboy, but with my job I must be highly competent in all the mainstream OS’s. I don’t think i’ve ever purchased a copy of windows, I always get my licenses free through various tech programs or promotions from MS.

  3. i have experienced the deception increase with every version of windows. at least with xp you could shut off microsofts crap but with vista if your not conected to the internet for about 20 days it will shut off your copy and require you to conect to the internet to reactivate your copy of vista. this is the most deseptive product i have purchased from microsoft . they can reset passwords change anything they want. but i am paying for the power the pc uses. so the only way the can make this software usefull is to remove the off switch from the pc but thier is still the plug .

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