Test of Trivia Podcast

Test of Trivia PodcastLast night I was on the second episode of the Test of Trivia podcast along with Victor Marks and Rishabh Kumar, . This podcast is a trivia game where the host, Alan Joyce, asks a question and the 3 contestents chime in with an audible “buzzer” of their choice. My buzzer was just saying beep, Rishabh just clapped, and Victor had a fancy audio sound as his buzzer, I think he was trying to make Rishabh & I look bad 🙂 Currently there are not any prizes, but as listenership increases they are going to look for sponsors to give away prizes.

Below are the rules from the Test of Trivia site:

“There are 2 rounds, each with 10 questions. Each question is worth a specific number of points (between 1 and 5), depending on its difficulty.

For each question:

  • After the host is finished reading the question, contestants have a chance to buzz in.
  • If one does buzz in, they can attempt to answer the question.
  • If the contestant answers correctly, they earn points equal to the question’s point value. If they get it wrong, they lose this amount of points.
  • If the person who buzzed in answers incorrectly, the other contestants have another opportunity to buzz in and attempt to answer the question.

At the end of the 2 rounds, there is a final, extra-challenging question. The contestants have the opportunity to wager any number of their points on the bet that they can provide the correct answer.

The question is read, and the contestants have 30 seconds to write both the answer they believe is correct and the number of points that they wish to wager in a message that is passed secretly and directly to the host.

The host then reads both contestants’ answers to the final question and the appropriate number of points are added to, or deducted from, the players’ scores.

The Test of Trivia game is then over, and the contestant with the most points is the winner.”

If you want to be a contestant on a future show, go over to the Test of Trivia site and contact Alan. I recommend it, I had a good time and so will you.

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