What are you afraid of?

Micki Krimmel just posted this video from footage taken at Pixelodeon 2007 & it got me thinking…. Yeah I know this is a stretch! What am I afraid of? One of my biggest fears is putting out crappy stuff in everything I do and people not liking it. Does it matter other people don’t like my “stuff”?, as it is inevitable that people won’t. You can say I am a slight perfectionist and if I can’t do something to it’s fullest I really don’t want to do it at all, oh and I’m also afraid of land animals with out legs, ie. snakes, worms etc. I must get over these fears…well maybe not the land animals without legs fear.

So what are you afraid of? Are you willing to get over these fears? Or is the fear itself that drives us or destroys us?

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**Update**  I just remembered, I have a huge fear of public speaking, I think I may have to rectify this and start speaking at conferences and other events.




  1. 3:30 pm - June 16th, 2007

    Karrie says:

    I think my biggest fear is of being alone. That is a big one right? Yeah…=)

  2. 1:21 am - September 23rd, 2007

    Average Betty says:

    Put up vids on the internet and I guarantee you will have no other fears in life. You could walk down the street nude, be pelted with ripe fruit and not care. Seriously. Maybe just do it with a wig and sunglasses. It might be easier. Either one.