Screen Capture Teaser of Edmodo


I just posted our first screen capture of a 90% working demo of Edmodo over at the Edmodo Blog. Please wander by and leave a comment and tell us what you think. If your interested in hearing more about what we are up too with edmodo, subscribe to the Edmodo RSS feed also or sign up for our e-mail list when we launch our private alpha.

Tag I’m it – My Bucket List for 2008

Red BucketsI have been tagged by Cathleen Rittereiser to write a Bucket List for 2008. A bucket list comes from the movie of the same name starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and their characters creating a list of what they want to accomplish with the time they have left in this world. We can thank Jeff Pulver for starting this meme.

My 2008 Bucket list:

  • Launch Edmodo
  • Travel more including taking my wife on a nice all-inclusive vacation (she deserves it)
  • Meet more of my online friends, all of you are great.
  • Give at least 3 presentations to overcome my fear of public speaking
  • Deposit more than I take out into my social media bank account.
  • Move the washer & dryer to the basement (this one is for my jenny 🙂
  • Paint and decorate my home office.
  • Get edmodo funded and quit my day job.

Now for me to tag people:
Daniel Patterson, Hooeyspewer, Merlene Paynter, Jennifer D. Jones, Steve Dembo, Jeff Lewis, Christine Taylor, Average Betty

BTW, all of you loyal readers are welcome to post your Bucket List here.

Lack of Updates

The lack of updates here has been partly been my lack of anything interesting to say and partly because I have been working to get off the ground. We have also just launched a blog at Content is sparse at this time, but will be getting more content up shortly discussing technology, social networking, & new media in regards to education. We don’t want the blog to just be about marketing the Edmodo product.

Edmodo Logo

Edmodo is the brain child of Nic Borg (my partner) and I and we envision this company to be the premier provider of free web 2.0 tools (boy I hate that name) for Teachers, Students, Parents, and Schools. We have a vision of a multitude of tools that we would provide, but are currently concentrating on a social communication/notification site. I won’t get into specifics right now about the details as we are currently building the product and features may change or be added before we launch.

Nic & I both work for K-12 school districts in technology departments and were frustrated at the the overpriced and frankly not very good offerings of most of the Eduction Technology services that were being marketed and subscribed to by our school districts. We feel that the both of us have the background to make a decent product and make the lives of the education community better through the technology we build.