Tag I’m it – My Bucket List for 2008

Red BucketsI have been tagged by Cathleen Rittereiser to write a Bucket List for 2008. A bucket list comes from the movie of the same name starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and their characters creating a list of what they want to accomplish with the time they have left in this world. We can thank Jeff Pulver for starting this meme.

My 2008 Bucket list:

  • Launch Edmodo
  • Travel more including taking my wife on a nice all-inclusive vacation (she deserves it)
  • Meet more of my online friends, all of you are great.
  • Give at least 3 presentations to overcome my fear of public speaking
  • Deposit more than I take out into my social media bank account.
  • Move the washer & dryer to the basement (this one is for my jenny πŸ™‚
  • Paint and decorate my home office.
  • Get edmodo funded and quit my day job.

Now for me to tag people:
Daniel Patterson, Hooeyspewer, Merlene Paynter, Jennifer D. Jones, Steve Dembo, Jeff Lewis, Christine Taylor, Average Betty

BTW, all of you loyal readers are welcome to post your Bucket List here.

11 thoughts on “Tag I’m it – My Bucket List for 2008

  1. what? Are you kidding? You aren’t going to do anything more exciting than giving a few stand up presentations? πŸ˜‰

    Actually, that would be an accomplishment for myself if I stood up and gave one.

  2. I am sure I will do more this year with the release of edmodo.com and promoting it.

    It will still be an accomplishment.

  3. How could you post such a boring picture for your bucket and not “I has a bucket”?

    You suck at the internet.

  4. I wasn’t tagged, but I will add a list to your bucket if there’s room.
    1. Travel outside North America.
    2. Apply and give more presentations to get more comfortable in my skin.
    3. Meet and arrange to give a Web 2.0 presentation with total stranger(s) from one of my online networking sites (like Twitter). Wouldn’t that be cool?
    4. Figure out the words to one (just one) of my kid’s rap songs.
    5. Enrich my vocabulary.
    6. Take a public speaking class.
    7. Take dance lessons with my husband.
    8. Publish a book.

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