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I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d redo my theme for a little inspiration and post one of my most recent favorite photos I’ve taken.

Keystone Colorado 2009

By order of the fire marshall

Do not remove by order of the fire marshall.  You can always get my full size images on my flickr account.

Divine Daisy


You can always get my full size images on my flickr account.

Orange Glow

Orange Glow

I thought i’d post a pic.  It’s been a while.  If you want a higher rez pic you can get it on my flickr account.

Batavia in Bleu

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Blurred Bass

Blurred Bass

My friend Tim Konn jamming out to his new floor bass. You can check out the band’s music at

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Billy Graham Building


This photo was taken in front of the Billy Graham building at Wheaton College.


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Waiting in traffic

Wide angle Traffice Light

Took this from my car waiting for a train.  I like the wide angle and the fact I was able to get the whole traffice light in the shot.

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No Entrar

No Entrar

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