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Podcasting News

Where have I been, just found Have I lost touch?


Great Month

Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that comes here, it’s been a great month. The usage just keeps increasing (3290 Unique Visitors) and I’m thouroughly amazed at the good feedback I receive from you guys. With out you, the users, I would not have a purpose and this site would fade into obscurity. Keep the suggestions, comments, and links coming. I appreciate each and everyone of you that comes to make this site better. I’d also like to thank Adam Curry for pushing me into creating the node for Documentation in the Directory after a suggestion I emailed to him back in October of 2004, Boing!!!!



So you want those show notes on your iPod. Well, here is a solution if your running mac OSX. You can thank Alan Joyce over at the

Unfortunately I don’t have a mac or an iPod to test this, i have an iRiver h320.


Who are my viewers?

Hey, if you view this blog regularly, who are you, what do you do, do you have a blog? Just curious to see who are my listeners and looking for some feed back on the website. I am always welcome to comments, suggestions, etc… This site is for you, the podcasting community!!!

-jeff has posted their first podcast, MVB Radio. I’ve posted a link to this project before, but if you don’t remember, is a website for musicians to collaborate on a song over the internet using open source ideas to create a song. One person will lay down a track then someone will add, and then someone else until a complete song is built over the internet with out ever going into a studio. Great idea!!! Can’t wait to hear more and this is definately staying in my podcatching client.


Reel Review – Podcast about the podcast 2

Michael Geoghegan has posted a second installment of his Podcast about the Podcast. Looks like this is going to be a regular series of podcasts and right up the alley of The iPodder Documentation Project.

This install goes is an overview of what podcasting is and the terms involved and how to setup a client to subscribe to a feed.


Looking for sounds for your podcast?

Check out to find any sound or clip you can think of.



Blogcasting – How To Podcast Using Just


Transfering podcasts to your Bluetooth Phone

Check out Alan Joyce’s tutorial from on how-to put podcasts on your MP3 capable bluetooth phone.

eXeem Rocks

Move over bittorrent, Hello eXeem!!! Oh my god, eXeem p2p client rocks!!! This may be the best p2p app ever, and it’s only a .20 beta, it’s very usable now, plus it’s spyware free. Can you see the drool.

*update* read slashdot posts after installing, looks like this contains spyware, you may want to stay away for now. I feel I was duped into thinking this was spyware free. Read the slashdot discussion.