Sell Out

Ok, well i’ve sold out to the man, well at least to Amazon. I like the idea that I can put up products I use and believe in. If a product goes up to the right, I honestly have used, read it, watched it, listened to it, and love it.

Would love to hear people thoughts on the Amazon Adverts. Are they annoying. Do you hate them. Will you leave if I keep them?



Hey, I just learned about This is a site you can use to help generate traffic to your blog. Not sure if I will be able to drum up some more traffice but let’s see what it can do for me. I’ve signed up for an account and if you sign up try and use my refferer link. From what I gather if you read other blogs on the blog explosion site it’s supposed to generate 2 users per every blog that you read. Not sure how it’s supposed to work, but I thought i’d give it a shot and see what the results are. I generate approximately 200-300 unique users per day and would like to see that over 500. I’ll report back with my results at a later date to let you know if it works, but honestly I don’t want to just generate traffic, I want to help evangelize podcasting and generate users that will keep coming back to The iPodder Documentation Project and help contribute to the community.

**update** Well I feel it’s a shady way to generate traffice to your site, but also an interesting way to find out about a new interesting sites. So my feelings are mixed. Don’t think I will try and generate traffic this way becuase I have better things to do and I have a decent amount of traffic as it is.



Just upgraded to WP 1.5. Broke permalinks. I may have f-ed up my installation. Problem was I untarred the file in the same parent dir as word pres and over wrote the old installation without backing up first. I assumed a dir called wordpress-1_5 or something like that would be created instead it just sent everything to word press. Argh!!!!!!!!!!! I so know better too.

**Update, looks like I fixed my permalinks, was only a .htaccess file. Still probably hosed my customizations on the main page. Not a big deal, that can be recreated, I do have an older backup of those files, so all may not be lost. Ever just have that oh shit feeling? It doesn’t feel good. It really is time for me to setup some automated backups with dumping my MySQL database and syncing everthing offsite with rsync. Not tonight though, I have a poker game.

-Jeff “your dumb admin”


Well I think the new ASCAP licence is a bunch of confusing crap. Here is my rundown of the 2 licences offered.

“NON-INTERACTIVE 5.0” – $288
Can only play songs if they have not been posted in a playlist ex. “show notes” and can not be played for longer than 60 sec in duration.

“INTERACTIVE 2.0” – $340
You can play the whole song, you can post playlists ex. “show notes”, but you still have to pay royalties on a per download of your podcast. So everytime someone downloads your podcast you still have to pay a royalty.

Crap, complete crap!!!!!

Someone let me know if my interpretation is incorrect. Do these people not get it?