My new task Chair!!!

Eurotech Ergohuman ChairMy new chair. I finally spent some money and bought a decent chair because my back is in pain for sitting at a computer 16 hours a day in crappy chairs. I’ve sat in hundreds of chairs over the last month and it was down to Eurotech’s Ergohuman Chair, a Herman Miller Aeron, and a Steelcase Leap Chair, and this won out over the Aeron and Leap chair. Now I just need it to come in and then I can do a proper review on the chair.

So until I can do a proper review, check out this YouTube video. The chair comes in Mesh and leather, i’ve opted for the leather and I am not completely convinced of the durability of mesh chairs. Supposedly the mesh stretches and starts to sag after a period of time. I don’t know about the validity of that, but I liked the leather more than the mesh model. Now I just have to get my boss to pony up some money for a new chair at work too.
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13 thoughts on “My new task Chair!!!

  1. How do you like the chair? I sat in one in a store in NYC yesterday and I LOVED it so I plan on purchasing one tomorrow. I found a bunch of cheaper places online (including some good deals on eBay) but was looking for a review of an owner first. I am also going back and forth between mesh and leather but leaning towards leather.

  2. I love the chair. I bought it on ebay from the ebay seller ergonomiccomfort. He shipped the chair promptly and when one of the arms came broke he had a replacement arm shipped out. Excellent Ebayer. Personally I preferred the leather over the mesh, but everyone is different.

    Robert, the place i sat in this in the chair was in Elgin, IL. They deal in mostly used furniture, but are a dealer for Raynor/Eurotech chairs. That’s the only place I know of, there may be more, check Eurotech’s website and you maybe be able to call a rep and find out.

  3. Hey Jeff,

    Its Ryan Bald from Beyond Auctions, LLC. You had purchased an Ergohuman from us on Ebay and I stumbled across your blog here while surfing the web. I am glad to here you are enjoying your new Ergo, they are great chairs. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if we put a link to our new site off your blog post here.
    If you have any issues let me know. Here is our toll free number again if you need it 866-271-5368. Thanks!

  4. If anyone comes here looking for information about the Ergohuman Chair. I bought mine from Ryan above and he runs a quality business. I had an issue with one of my arms on my chair and he had a replacement part shipped out to me extremely promptly. I would definately do business with him again. Thanks again ryan for delivering a quality product and taking care of your customers.

    -Jeff O’Hara

  5. I ordered one in a custom fabric and absolutely love it! It only took them a week to get it to me too and it cost all of $20 more than the leather one. I got a great deal from My back is grateful.

  6. How is the chair working out now that you’ve sat in it awhile? I am thinking about buying a leather one like yours but also considering the mesh version. Does the leather make you warm and sweaty after sitting for a long time? Also, does the leather seem durable?

  7. Hi there Jeff, I’m at the ‘need a new chair or my back will die’ point now. My current chair (a piece of crap thing from Ikea) is killing me slowly (actually not that slowly) and I am desperate need of a decent ergnomic one. Anyway, I was searching E-Bay last night and came across the full leather Ergohuman chair that you bought. It’s a few years on from this post so I was wondering how you got on with it. Are you still using the chair and is it all you hoped it would be? Any help would be massively appreciated as I am quickly losing hope here.. I’m based in the UK and it’s very hard to find an actually showroom where I can try out chairs and so I’m hoping I can just order one and it be right (I’m awful at having doubts after buying something online). Anything you can tell me about the chair and your experiences with it would be massively appreciated.


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