Bloglines is toast… Google reader is the toaster!!!

Google ReaderGoogle updated their online RSS reader yesterday and I have to say it is more visually apealing than Bloglines and very easy to use.  I find it fits into my RSS reading workflow extremely well and has shortcuts.  I’m not sure if the old version supported shortcuts as I never really used it.

If there are any bloglines users out there, I recommend checking it out.  I think you may convert.  Some of the shortcuts you know and love still apply.  I even convinced my wife to drink the RSS Kool-Aid with Google Reader today.
Here is my RSS reader History.

1:  Onfolio – About 2 years – Purchased by Microsoft and it doesn’t look as if they are going to support Firefox anymore 🙁 I loved this app, one of the very few apps i’ve ever purchased.
2:  Rojo – Very short time, maybe 2 weeks
3:  Bloglines – for the last 3 months – Hated the Uglyness of the interface!
4.  Google Reader – Today -> the future!!! Pretty and Functional

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  1. 7:01 am - September 30th, 2006

    Lee says:

    I haven’t gotten into web based readers, although I love RSS.. so long as people provile full feeds ( see )

  2. 1:21 pm - September 30th, 2006

    Jeff O'Hara says:

    I agree, and you will always be able to see a full feed here. Hey, i’m a big fan of coffee so I subscribed to your feed and see what your all about. Thanks for the comment. Come back, subscribe, contribute, and never hesitate to contact me about anything, this blog is here for me to communicate 🙂

    -Jeff O’Hara