Bloglines is toast… Google reader is the toaster!!!

Google ReaderGoogle updated their online RSS reader yesterday and I have to say it is more visually apealing than Bloglines and very easy to use.  I find it fits into my RSS reading workflow extremely well and has shortcuts.  I’m not sure if the old version supported shortcuts as I never really used it.

If there are any bloglines users out there, I recommend checking it out.  I think you may convert.  Some of the shortcuts you know and love still apply.  I even convinced my wife to drink the RSS Kool-Aid with Google Reader today.
Here is my RSS reader History.

1:  Onfolio – About 2 years – Purchased by Microsoft and it doesn’t look as if they are going to support Firefox anymore 🙁 I loved this app, one of the very few apps i’ve ever purchased.
2:  Rojo – Very short time, maybe 2 weeks
3:  Bloglines – for the last 3 months – Hated the Uglyness of the interface!
4.  Google Reader – Today -> the future!!! Pretty and Functional

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