Google Docs & Spreadsheets released

Google released their Docs & Spreadsheets online Application today and it supports blog publishing to what seems like any type of blog. I ‘m currently writing this post in a Google Doc and will be publishing it from google’s publish tools. I’m curious to see how this works out and if I can add images inline and they automatically get posted and how it all works. I can see it not being the most efficient way to post to a blog already. We’ll see, here we go…. now with the post.

**Update** So I posted this and a title wasn’t added. Not sure what I have to do to get a title added. I should probably read the google docs first. I hate to read technical docs 🙁 So far I will not be making this my blogging tool of choice. But I find it a great way for someone to create and read word and excel docs without ever having to install an office suite on their machine. Have we finally come to an age that we know longer need an office suite on our machine? For most users google Docs & Spreadsheets will be able to handle most if not all their document needs. The power user probably still wants to keep excel and word handy. All google needs now is a online presentation suite and a database and google office will be complete.
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