Robert Scoble’s Financially Irresponsible Suggestion

On Robert Scoble’s blog today, Robert suggested we all buy playstation’s and HDTV’s on credit at Best Worst Buy and and justify it by saying it’s only $140 in payments.

I think it is extremely irresponsible for anybody to suggest buying tech toys on credit if you can’t afford it. In a world where consumer debt is at an all time high, one should not be promoting people to go buy things on credit just to keep up with the Jones’s. These are wants, not necessities.

What happens in an emergency, you’ve run up your credit cards on toys that you can’t afford, and an emergency comes along like your furnace going out in the middle of the winter… Get that credit card out and dig yourself deeper into debt. Once someone starts living on debt, it is hard to get out of the vicious cycle.

Scoble, I am hereby calling you out as this being one of the most irresponsible thing you’ve ever said. Everyone else should be saying the same thing!!!

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4 thoughts on “Robert Scoble’s Financially Irresponsible Suggestion

  1. Fair enough. But I never advocated taking money away from essential budget items like rent or other things. I advocated taking money off of other entertainment expenses like if you take your family out to movies a lot.

    Also, I assume my readers are smart. Smart readers don’t just jump off of the Golden Gate bridge because I tell them to. Sorry you think my readers aren’t smart enough to make their own financial decisions.

  2. Robert, I never said your readers were not smart enough to make their own financial decisions, I would like to assume they are, but one should not assume anything. I just suggested that was an irresponsible statement for anybody to make. Would you pay 3 years of “going out to the movies” on a credit card up front? probably not. Anyway my blog post isn’t meant to attack you personally. It’s more, to strike up a conversation of debt in this country and how big of a problem it is, and calling you out on your statement did that. You are the one that promotes conversations via blogging right?

  3. Terri, thanks for the comment, Debt is a very dangerous thing and is not to be taken lightly. People in this country need to take debt a lot more seriously.


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