Video Niche’s can still be marketable

YouTube - Broadcast yourselfOn the heels of the aquisition o YouTube by google, people may not be able to directly with GooTube, but many can probably still make a good deal of money in the video arena. Niche’s are where it’s at. The problem with YouTube is that it is not easy to search video and find relevant content you want in between videos that are totally irrelevent. People that do niche video sites will not get 1.65 billion from google, but stand to make a healthy living.

So what niche are you interested in? What are you waiting for, go build your youtube for your niche.

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2 thoughts on “Video Niche’s can still be marketable

  1. Good point. I bet we see a whole lot of niche video services popping up now that the YouTube/Google deal has been so widely publicized and admired.

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