Blogging from Michigan

MichiganI’m sitting here in New Buffalo Michigan, sitting by a fire and drinking some wine while my wife and friends are playing Pictionary.  I would be playing if it was a different game, but I hate Pictionary, I don’t know why, I just do.

I will have to upload a pic of the world’s largest urinal, these things are hilarious.  I really don’t know if they are the world’s largest, but they are ginormous.

Tomorrow we’ll be hitting some wineries and eating lots.  Hopefully make it to the jerkey store and buy some of the best jerkey I have ever had.  Most of you think really dry tough meat when you think jerky.  This stuff is like eating a cured steak, thick and meaty and does not have the texture of a leather shoe.

Hope everyone has as fun of a Veteran’s Day weekend that I will have.  Take time to think about the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan even though you may not agree with the war.