What do you get out of your blog?

Brian Clark of Copyblogger writes “Why people want to know what’s in it for *you*”.


So what do I get out of this website?  Why do I write a blog?  It’s definately not ad revenue.  What I get out of my blog is hard to explain.  When someone shoots me an e-mail or comments on my blog it just feels good that someone out there cares about what I write.  I have also met some really cool people cause of the Internet and this blog.  If I meet someone I can just tell them to go read some of my blog and they can learn about what i’m about and my interests.  The 30+ RSS subscribers and the 300 unique visitors I get daily tells me that there are some people out there that read my site.  When I think about it, what I get out of this site is I am creating “networking” possibilities through my readers that I normally would not have had without starting a blog.

What do you get out of your blog?

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