Sony, Wii have a problem…

I was just at Best Buy a little bit ago and they had released a windfall of 60gb PS3’s this evening.  I could have just walked up and bought as many as I wanted.  There were no lines, no mad rush, no fighting.  I feel sorry for all those people that paid upwards to as much as $3,000 on ebay just a few short weeks ago.  There were a few curious patrons buying the PS3, but you’d think with all the hoopla over the launch there would be a lot more people scrambling for this.  If the ebay prices hadn’t fallen out, i would have bought one and resold it on ebay, but at this time there is no chance of making any money off suckers, because all the suckers have already been taken for a ride and everyone else has realized the PS3 is not all that and a bag of chips.

With all that said, there wasn’t a single Wii or Wii accesory available much to my dismay, i’m still looking to pick up an extra nun-chuck.  I was able to score my component cables which are still hard to come by.  The wii has been such a huge huge hit this season, even my mom and dad want one.  They loved playing mine, and told me if I saw one to snag it for them.  The Wii is truly a revolution in gaming.
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